Bonfiglioli: reducers, electric motors, inverters

Since 1992 Technobi S.r.l. is an Official Dealer for Bonfiglioli Riduttori products.

Bonfiglioli Riduttori designs and manufactures a full range of speed gearmotors, drive systems and planetary gearmotors, meeting the most demanding requirements in the industrial, automation, earthmoving machinery sectors and within the alternative energy industry.

In 2004, Technobi joined “BEST Bonfiglioli” programme (Bonfiglioli Excellence Service Team), a selection among Bonfiglioli Dealers which represents the most cutting edge sales organization in the power transmission market. Within Technobi facilities, there is the possibility of managing the remote assembly of some reducer series, thus resulting in a higher quality service and flexibility offered to customers.

worm screw gearmotors - VF and W series

coaxial gearmotors - C series

right angle shaft gearmotors - A and
RAO series

single stage gearmotors – S series

parallel shaft gear reducers - HDP series

right angle shaft reducers – HDO series

shaft-mounted gear reducers – TA series

shaft-mounted gearmotors - F series

mechanical speed variators - V series

Planetary speed reducers
300 TRASMITAL series

Electric motors – BN series

Electric motors – BE series

Angle gears – RAN series

Clutch-break units - NFF series

Inverter Bonfiglioli SYN

Inverter Bonfiglioli AGILE

Inverter Bonfiglioli ACTIVE


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