Mini Motor compact gearmotors

Technobi is a Mini Motor products Authorized Dealer.

Mini Motor manufacturers both DC and AC coaxial gearmotors and worm screw gearmotors. Electronic adjusters for single-phase motors with tachometer feedback; inverters with possibility of positioning; brushless servo motors, with or without planetary reducer, and related drives.

Every single Mini Motor product must meet precise features and specifications in order to ensure full safety for the customers: such objective is achieved through the use of top quality components and accurate tests at every stage of the production process. The wide range available referred to in the catalogue, tailored solutions according to customers’ needs and the possibility to provide limited production series allow Mini Motor to fully meet all requirements from the market.

Motors – AM series

Gearmotors – AC series

Gearmotors – PA series

Gearmotors – BC series

Gearmotors – MC series

Gearmotors – PC series

Gearmotors – XC series

Brushless servo motors – BS series

Brushless servo motors – BSE series

Brushless servo motors – DBS series
with integrated drive

Brushless servo motors – DBSE series
with integrated drive

Brushless servo motors – MCBS series

Drives and converters

Compact gearmotors IP 67


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